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Our Goals for students In the program


Students in the Early Child Development program work with children in a variety of settings and study child development from a prenatal through adolescent stages. Knowledge of physical, intellectual, language, social, and emotional development is applied through planning sessions, teaching, observing, and studying 3 and 4 year olds in the child development laboratory. 

Through guided practice, research, and training, students develop competence in creative teaching techniques. Students may earn up to nine articulated college credits at Montgomery College while still in high school. Upon completion of the program and earning the 90 + 9 Clock Hours Certification, high school graduates are prepared to pursue postsecondary education and career opportunities in early childhood education and related fields of study.

Employment opportunities continue to grow in careers related to children. Students who complete the Early Child Development Program of Study are prepared to pursue postsecondary education and career options.

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