About the child development program

The program for our Northwest High School Students is split into three courses: Child and Adolescent Development 1, 2, and 3. Scroll to read about each individual course.

Child and Adolescent Development 1

This course focuses on human development from birth through adolescence. Emphasis is placed on theories of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Special challenges to growth and development are studied. The role of the family and caregivers, health and safety concerns, and contemporary issues are also studied. Students will have opportunities for guided observation of children in a variety of settings to help them understand theories of human development. Students will begin to develop the components of a working portfolio to be assembled upon completion of the internship.

Child and Adolescent Development 2

After successful completion of Child Development 1, students continue to develop their teaching skills as they assume increased leadership responsibilities in the lab school setting. Students are responsible for program management as they develop and implement age-appropriate learning experiences for preschoolers. Upon completion of Child Development 2 and other specific requirements, students may earn the 90 + 9 Clock Hours Certification.

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Child and Adolescent Development 3

Students research careers in education and other child-related fields of study. They pursue their interest through independent study, research, advocacy projects, field trips, and observations. Students complete their professional portfolios and participate in the interview process as they prepare for continuing education and career experiences.

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